Tube Removal Tools


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Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun TPP- 50 Electrical Powerpack
This unit pulls tubes continuously through the gun. Both electric and pneumatic power packs can be used. Power pack allows up to 350 bar working pressure.

Features of Continuous Hydraulic Tube Puller

  • Hydraulic Tube Pulling gun communicates with powerpack via 9v DC remote control. This ensures safety and eliminates the need of electrical cord between pump and gun that other manufacturers provide.
  • Available with a choice of Electric-TPP System or Pneumatic-PPP System for hazardous, explosive working environments.
  • Microprocessor controls on powerpack and hydraulic tube pulling gun ensure trouble free life.
  • Removes tube without any damage to tube sheet.
  • Low setup time and ease of operation.
  • High power & High speed automatic cycling, for highest speed of tube puller available worldwide.
  • Auto switchover from low pressure high flow to high pressure low flow on load and again back to low pressure high flow when load is released.
  • Automatic slow start feature to minimize risk of breaking tube puller and to conserve consumables.
  • Compact design of Powerpack and Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun.
  • Interchangeable tube pulling guns with same powerpack. 15 ton gun for light duty high speed work, 30 ton gun for heavy duty tube puller and 45 ton gun for tubes upto 3” O.D.
  • Stainless steel construction body of powerpack for longer corrosion free life.
  • Hydraulic Tube Pulling up to 3” OD tubes continuously, Tube Puller up to 4” O.D. stub.
  • Low maintenance cost and worldwide availability of components of the Stub Puller.
  • Significant saving of time and money over conventional systems.
  • Unit is portable with handle and mounted on four wheels for easy handling.
  • Unit will pull tube continuously through the gun effortlessly, needing only one man for operation.
Tube Puller Power Pack-Specifications
 Sizes Available for Tube Puller Power Pack 3/8" O.D. TO 4" O.D.
Models Available for Tube Puller Power Pack TPP-50,PPP-50 (Pneumatic)
Hydraulic Tube Puller Guns-Specifications
Sizes Available for Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun 3/8" O.D. TO 4" O.D.
Models Available for Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun (TPP) HPG-15, HPG-30, HPG-45.
Models Available for Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun (PPP) AHPG-15, AHPG-30,AHPG-45
Push Type Internal Tube Cutter - ATP Series


Internal Tube Cutter - PR68 Series

  • PR-68 tube cutters are ideal for cutting thick walled boiler tubes of 2” O.D. and higher.

  • The Internal Tube Cutter PR-68 is driven via the square in a clockwise direction using either an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic driving machine.

  • PR-68 type tube cutters are available in standard reach of 4” (100mm). Additional reaches in increments of 4” are available up to 16” (400mm).

Sizes Available 1/2" O.D. TO 4.1/2" O.D.
Models Available 0680951 TO 0689301


Tube Plugs

Sizes Available 3/8" O.D. TO 1 1/2" O.D.
Models Available PLG-375-1 TO PLG-1500-1


   One Revolution Internal Tube Cutter - OTC Series

  • POWERMASTER “One Revolution” Internal Tube Cutter pierces and cuts off non-ferrous and thin walled ferrous tubes in one revolution.
  • This “One Revolution” Internal Tube Cutter is designed for hand operation using a ratchet handle.
  • The Cutter Tool Bit operates on an eccentric principle. The Tube Cutter is entered in the tube with the Tool Bit in c lo se d position , ratchet is applied and turned in clockwise direction. The Tool Bit contacts the tube during the One Revolution and pierces the tube wall and as turning is continued the Tool Bit shears through the tube along its circumference. This Cutter is fitted with an adjustable collar enabling it to reach into tubes at various distances and they are available in optional increments of 2”(50.8mm). Standard adjustable reach is 6”(152.4mm). ”A” reach = 8”(203.2). “B” reach = 10”(254.0mm). “C” reach = 12”(304.8mm) etc. 
Sizes Available 5/8" O.D. TO 2 1/2" O.D.
Models Available OTC-625-14 OT OTC-2500-18


Manual Tube Puller

  • No power needed: Manual insertion and removal of tube with a hand wrench. Ideal for field service applications.
  • Simple Design : Only two major parts reduce inventory.
  • Ease of use : Hex at back of spear allows tightening without disassembly of thrust mechanism.
  • Range of Sizes : A wide range of sizes allows use on popular tube size. Clarity of markings: Both spear and thrust collar are clearly marked for fast relating tool to job.
Sizes Available  1/4" O.D. TO 1" O.D.
Models Available MTP-25-18 TO MTP-100-20