hydraulic Flange Spreaders2


hydraulic Flange Spreaders2


Hydraulic Flange Spreaders are used for safety opening pipe flanges. Available in capacities of 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes the versatility of both models enables the user to open flanges up to 92mm thick. Operated with a standard hydraulic hand pump and connecting hose and supplied in a handy steel storage case, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders can be operated individually, or as a pair when opening large diameter flanges. With Hydraulic Flange Spreaders it takes minutes open the toughest flanges without the risks of sparks caused by hammer blows and chisels.
Model No. A B C D E F G H I J
min max
FS-50 77 210 61 157 10 192 69 131 25 205 18
FS-100 110 290 61 226 10 165 89 180 38 274 31
Model No. Capacity Stroke Oil Capacity Max.Flange
Stud Size Standard Wedge Optional Wedge
tonnes mm


mm mm (inch) mm mm mm
FS-50 5 39 25 2 x 52 1150mm (45") 19-29 3-29 30-56
FS-100 10 55 78 2 x 93 1900mm(75") 32-41 3-29 30-56



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